AquaOne Horizon 130

AquaOne Horizon 130


Good things always come around again when the time is right. The Horizon is the best example for that. This aquarium range, now combined with the ultra-stylish 'Styleline' cabinets has become an absolute best seller.

  • Rectangular aquarium featuring black silicone joints to match cabinet.
  • Edging to tank matches with grey profile and feet of cabinets.
  • Slim line LED.
  • Full glass covers.
  • Heater included.
  • Internal power filter included.
  • Tank measurements: 92 x 36 x 42cm, 130 Litres
  • Cabinet available (92 x 36 x 78cm)
Include Cabinet? (+£79.99)



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Our Pet Licence No. is: AWL0011