AquaOne ReefSys 255L Marine Aquarium

AquaOne ReefSys 255L Marine Aquarium


Please note, this is for the Aquarium ONLY.

Aquarium and cabinet available to purchase together.

The ReefSys range is a beautiful, sleek marine fish tank. The most outstanding feature is the ultra clear, low iron glass that is immediately evident. The cabinet hides a sump that is a hybrid of glass and movable plexiglass partitions. which allow you to customise the layout to accommodate your protein skimmer, pump etc.

A few key features include;

  • Extraordinarily clear low iron glass
  • Extra depth front to back for amazing aquascaping possibilities
  • Large, customizable sump with adjustable baffles
  • Central weir with twin overflow (standard downpipe plus emergency overflow)
  • Includes precision ball valve adjustment and filter socks to polish the water
  • Superb cabinet collection manufactured in the UK to the highest standards
  • Six hand selected Egger finishes featuring soft silk matt and lifelike textured wood grains
  • Smooth push opening and soft closing door mechanism
  • Tank measurements : 90W x 55D x 53H cm
  • Cabinet available (+£350) in 6 colour options (90W x 55D x 80H cm)