V2 Vecton 200 UV Steriliser

V2 Vecton 200 UV Steriliser


The TMC 200 V2 Vecton is of a compact design suitable for aquariums up to 200 litres.


TMC V2 Vecton 200 Features:

  • New design, manufactured from impact resistant, translucent polycarbonate.
  • Opposing inlet and outlet for easy installation and connection to the water supply.
  • Four stage hosetails for flexible hose from 12mm to 32mm, held in place with screw on collars for easy removal when servicing and maintaining unit.
  • UV shield to prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp.
  • 90 degree pivoting clear plastic elbow, for easier and more versatile hose management.
  • Compact, rigid pipe adaptors, for connection to 32mm, 40mm or 25mm rigid pipe, are available.
  • 36 month guarantee.


  • For aquariums up to 200 litres
  • Maximum flow: 680 litres per hour
  • UV Bulb wattage: 8 watts

The UV lamp fitted in the TMC V2 Vecton 200 UV Steriliser unit has a usable life of 8000 hours (one year). At 8000 hours the lamp will still be glowing brightly but the emission ofgermicidal UVC will have deteriorated to approximately 85% efficiency. For the majority of home aquarium applications the lamp should be changedonce a year (8000 hours).For more critical applications the lamp should be changed at 4000 hours.